Snooz seeks $100,000 to fund project

What is this?

There’s a new go-to device when you regularly struggle to sleep. Snooze is a sound conditioner that emits white noise from its fan and also has adjustable volume and tone that can easily be accessed through an app. While it wont exactly force you to sleep, this device helps create a tranquil sleeping environment that can help you sleep more soundly. For those people who constantly are under medication for having trouble sleeping, this could be an alternative and much safer way to somehow alleviate their struggle. To others who don’t have this case, this can help create a relaxing environment that makes you feel like you are being transported into a spa.


Why is this important?

Snooz, LLC, the company behind the device, is seeking $100,000 USD on Kickstarter, where it has currently raised a little over half of its funding goal with 46 days remaining. Those who are interested can pledge $59 USD to get one Snooz unit in either cloud or charcoal colors. Shipping is available internationally and estimated to start in March 2016. This shows that if you have a good idea, with the help of others you can really push your idea.

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