A New Milestone For Instagram

What is this?

The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has now added a new feature that lets users exchange messages and lets you share content (location, hashtag pages and profiles) from your feed as a DM (direct message). This is an interesting addition because users can now follow the flow of conversation about a certain topic without making a new one each time.

Before, when users see interesting photo or videos they usually do @(name) but this app has made it more convenient to share interesting subjects on Instagram by clicking the arrow sitting beneath a post next to the like or comment button.

“We wanted to design Direct around conversations that are very visual and very rich. It was a natural extension, honestly, for our community,” says Ann Baum, a software engineer who works on Direct.

Instagram is one of the top rated mobile apps in the industry so this milestone is a very good addition to its already stellar features.


Why is this important?

Instagram has around 300 million members making it as one of the best apps ever created. This new feature has changed the whole Instagram experience making it feel like a cool messaging app. This is a new way of generating huge buzz in what you see on Instagram. Even though Instagram is huge, they are still finding ways to improve. Its important to keep your app up-to-date with the times.

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