Be In “the Know”

What is this?

The App, Peeple stirred controversy a few months back and it now has met its match with The Know app.

The Know app lets users anonymously connect people to strangers who want to talk about a person they mutually know. It allows you to see who your romantic interest is seeing on the side.

To start, all you need to do is give some personal information about the person you want to talk about. This can be their name, age, address, height, hair color, ethnicity, and even a photo. But the photo is the only thing that will be private.

Once The Know has found you a match, you can see what they have written about their relationship with the person and strike up a conversation if you need to know more.


Why is this important?

Apps that let users remain anonymous have always been a melting pot for cyber bullying and mudslinging so this app has to prove itself that its different from others and is merely designed to somehow alleviate deceit and cheating.

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