Butterfleye receives $512,608 in funding!

What is this?

Security cameras have been a great help to businesses and families who value privacy. With the advent of technology, many of these have different features which are suited for different type of individuals. There’s a new SMART camera for the home that can help you keep tabs when you’re away from home. This is Butterfleye and it promises to be more efficient than what’s already out there. It uses activity-based recording which records everytime it detects movements or sound. This can save energy, storage and bandwidth and the ho-hum footage of empty rooms.


Why is it important?

This is a good device to have for people who constantly travel and who want to keep watching over their children or even pets. What makes this special is that it uses Activity-Based Recording so you can save time staring at something and end up not finding anything. This idea came from a simple CCTV camera and made it better and more valuable! People are always looking for ways to improve something that they already have or use. Be that person who creates something new from something old and outdated!

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