Jack Dorsey: Twitter’s CEO

What is this?

Twitter has finally embraced Jack Dorsey as its CEO to oversee Twitter’s performance and hopefully come up with a brilliant idea to expand the social media’s audience as well as alleviate its financial losses.

It was once reported that Dorsey dumped for this position by its Board of Directors but they are no convinced that he has the maturity and expertise to make Twitter profitable again as it once was.


Why is this important?

Twitter is still one of the most influential social networking media out there but its significant losses in its revenue have been the talk of the town in the business community. This new development is a big leap of faith that Jack Dorsey has to live up to.

“The world needs a Twitter that not only remains relevant, but thrives and continues to redefine what came before it,” Dorsey told analysts Monday during a conference call. “It is our goal to exceed the expectations that the world has for us.”

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