Large Goods Transporting App Raises $3.8 Million

What is this?

Often when we buy large furniture items, it can be a struggle to transport the item. Not to mention, it takes organization and often requires a specialist vehicle that may not be readily available for you to use. Lugg is an app which makes this easier. It puts you in connection with local movers who will pick up your item for you and drop it at the destination of your choice. To use Lugg, customers just need to upload a photo of the item, location, drop off point then pay through the app. The startup, a recent grad from Y Combinator’s Summer 2015 class, has now raised $3.8 million in funding from a number of investors, which will allow it to grow its team and expand to new cities.


Why is this important?

It shows how you can take a simple business that already exists and make it become worth more by expanding its reach and customer base using an app. The idea is already there, you just need to think how your app can help your business expand and reach new levels.

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