Lean App: From Live Photos To Not Live

What is this?

Live Photos feature is the newest feature of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Users who are avid fans of photography are the first ones to feel ecstatic when this news broke but there’s a downside.

Live Photos can actually take up more storage space in your device. But a new app which has recently launched in the iOS store called Lean, is designed to help that issue. It strips out the video portion of the Live photo and leaves just the image.

When you open the App, you are shown all the Live photos that you have taken. The user can then choose from the Live photos on which one you’d like to turn into a regular image. After confirming, the Live photo is deleted and the image retains.


Why is this important?

Being able to take Live photos is one of the factors why the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are selling like hotcakes. But to those who’d still like to have some options to not permanently delete some of the Live photos, this App is surely helpful and is one of a kind.

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