Note-Taking At Its Finest: Letterspace

What is this?

With the fast-paced lifestyle that we have, people often have no time to jot down to-do list and whatnot. Mobile productivity apps have long been helping people on the go with different types of activities made easy and accessible with just a tap of the finger. There is one productivity app that has been making a buzz lately because of its simple aesthetic yet easy to use features. Introducing,Letterspace, a note-taking app that is a pleasure to use.

Letterspace doesn’t come with bells and whistles when it comes to design. It literally is just a blank slate which makes it easy for users to type important errands to accomplish. Users have the options to purchase different texts or fonts though if they want to. The most interesting feature of this app is its way of organising by using hashtags and mentions. If for example, you put #Moviestowatch, all of the list under this category will be set in the same place.


Why is this important?

It’s minimalist design makes it more appealing because there isn’t too much going on so you can easily see what you have typed. Although this app is not the first one to offer this type of experience, it still stands out because of its simplicity and friendly interface. Also, this will prompt mobile app developers to create future apps which aim towards keeping things simple without compromising quality and function. Could the way Letterspace designed their app change your mind when it comes to design?

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