Paypal Launches Paypal. Me

What is this? gives people personalised links for getting paid. This app is a good way of requesting an invoice to any client because this app comes with an easy-to remember URL. These simple payment URLs make it so you can send simple money requests to multiple people at once. You’ll also be able to send requests via a simple text message, email, instant message or through a social media. This is very convenient because Paypal users need not log in to the Paypal website to request money. But this app lets you just share a link. The link itself is easy to remember, as users will claim their own usernames on the service. (E.g. name)) You can also add the amount of money that you requested by adding it at the end of URL. If you need $100.00 you can put  (


Why is this important?

For now this app is only mobile-optimised. This will greatly serve people who are always on the go and if this product takes off, it will surely be one of our life-savers! Not only that but this could be a new form of payment that would need to be integrated into your future app. The mobile app industry is definitely going to consider this as one of the revolutionary game changers when it comes to sending and paying money online.This is one of the productivity apps that you don’t want to miss!

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