Petbot: Your Pet’s New Best Toy Aims To Raise $80,000 USD

What is this?

Leaving pets at home unattended can sometimes be risky. We all know they can be a little rowdy at times making you consider the idea of getting someone to watch over them or you can just hope that they will be on their best behaviour. Chances are, sometimes, you go home and see your things scattered around making you feel disappointed. Fret no more, there’s something that can make things a little less stressful.

Introducing, Petbot. It is a home camera that lets you monitor your pet’s activities while you are away. It also sends you a notification when something is up like say your dog is crying. All you have to do is turn on the camera and you can see what’s happening. It uses “petificial intelligence” to detect record, share and notify you when your pet is active. You can also speak through a microphone so your pet can hear you anywhere in the world.


Why is this important?

Petbot brings a new experience to pet lovers by the use of petificial intelligence. With Petificial Intelligence, pets can send video selfies and notify their owners in addition to the live video features security cameras provide. Petbot is available in IOS and Android. This app shows how you can use hardware and power it via an app. With cameras, they are used for so many things from taking your normal photos, to CCTV. Is there something that hasn’t been done yet? Could you have the next big idea!

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