Take Me

Android Apps / iOS Apps

Take Me is a Pill Reminder App. The aim of this project was to create a reminder app with unique features that would make this particular reminder app stand out from the rest.

It has been created not just for business-to-customer use, but business-to-business use. With this app, users are able to scan their invoice barcode to create an account and reminders automatically. When the user runs out of supplements, they are able to purchase again via the app. Businesses use this app to remind their customers to take their own brand supplements and purchase these products again through the app.

The build itself was relatively straightforward. Once the app had been planned, designed and created on IOS and Android, it was all about the testing on the app itself and the backend in which the app is managed. With this project, planning and testing played a vital part and were the most time consuming. Paying close attention to these has made the app flow strategically and user friendly.