Roadie: The Uber For Shipping And Delivery

What is this?

The Roadie app is considered as carpooling for cargo. When you have left something at home, say your wallet or a pen, a roadie driver can lend an open hand.No matter what you need to send, chances are there’s a Roadie who can deliver it same day, next day, at night or even on weekends. It’s a faster, cheaper, friendlier way to get your stuff where it needs to go.The item being shipped does not need any kind of packaging since the driver can simply pack the item in their trunk or available seats. Additionally, the Roadies deliver the packages themselves and can therefore be tracked in real time using the app.This app has also been recently funded totalling $10 million. The investors include UPS, Warren Stephens of Stephens Inc. and TomorrowVentures and others.


Why is this important?

This App takes a service that is already there and makes it more convenient for the end user. So, the delivery service is already there, but problems come with that. Such as a delivery being left outside as the customer wasn’t home to sign for it. Roadie has solved this issue as you can get a Roadie driver to pick this item up at your convenience. This app has also been developing a proprietary background info to all “Roadies” to ensure the safety of its users.The company has recently partnered with Waffle House in all of its US locations in exchange for making it as the rendezvous of all “Roadies”.

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