Sampler Sends Free Samples And Takes It To The Next Level!

What is this?

Sampler is an app, which enables companies to give way free product samples online through the app. Our lives are often too fast paced for us to stop in the supermarket to try free food samples for example. Not only that, there is so much to think about when providing a free sample to a potential customer. Going back to the food samples; they need to know the ingredients, where they can buy it, what other products can be cross sold, Social media pages that are available to browse etc. Sampler puts all this information in one place for the potential customer thus enabling the company’s product to be reviewed and advertised efficiently. The company raised $1 million from Canadian investors including Bank Development Canada and MaRs IAF as well as David Perkins the ex-CEO of Molson Canada. They have 89 clients and 250,000 customers have used the app to pick up samples.


Why is this important?

This app is effective in giving the user something they want, a freebie (who doesn’t love a freebie!) and receiving very valuable information such as product and demographic feedback. This is the information that all companies strive to get to improve and build their business/brand. By creating an app which acquires this information, you are creating something valuable that companies will want to use and pay for.

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