Say Hello To Doorman

What is this?

Online shopping has made it possible to order anything in the comfort of your home. But one problem tech has not solved is making sure that you actually get what you ordered.

Doorman, a startup that began operations in San Francisco in 2013 aims to fix that. With Doorman, online retailers can ship your items to a “personal address” that is actually a space in Doorman’s warehouse. Users are alerted through the Doorman app via push notifications. You can then set a schedule to deliver your packages whenever works for you from 6 pm to midnight.

The service costs $3.99 per package, or you can pay $29.00 for a monthly sunscription.

Why is this important?

Online shoppers can at least now feel safe everytime they order something through this new addition in the ever expanding world of technology.

This is in time for the holiday season which is fast approaching so this is a very promising idea.

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