The Companion App: Your Virtual Friend That Walks You Home

What is this?

Thousands of people are now hooked to a free personal safety mobile app that allows friends to virtually walk you home at night. The Companion app enables users to request a family member or a friend to keep them company virtually and track their journey home via GPS. The app is available in IOS and ANDROID. The user can send out several requests to different phone contacts, and those who are available gets an SMS with a hyperlink that allows them to track the user’s whereabouts. If for example the user runs, or drops his headset, the app can detect these changes in movement and asks the users if they’re okay.

If the user is fine, they can press a button on the app to confirm within 15 seconds. If they do not press the button, the app emits a real emergency alarm that can scare criminals off and allows you to make a phone call to authorities.

According to co-founder Lexie Ernst, a senior at the University of Michigan, “We’ve had a lot of people outside the US downloading the app. Since we launched, we’ve had dozens of emails from people in the US, as well as many other countries like the UK, Belgium, France, and Norway.”


Why is this important?

This app is pretty amazing because this will help commuters at night to somehow feel safe even If they travel alone. A lot of universities can also urge their students to use this app to prevent crimes and keep criminals at bay. This is a game changer in the mobile app industry because it takes safety to a whole another level. This app takes a real life problem (in this case, late night muggings, attacks) and makes a difference. Even if this app saves one person from being mugged then its all worth it. An app that potentially save your life is a great one in my books!

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