The iPad Pro: What You Need To Know

What is this?

In addition to new iPhones, Apple TV and Apple X Hermes watches, they also announced its newest member of the iPad family which is the iPad Pro. With its 12.9 inch display, this new iPad will surely be a start of something revolutionary when it comes to the iPad line-up.

The iPad Pro is built to deliver a lot of things because of its iOS 9’s split screen multi-tasking process. Its screen is large enough to put two iPad Air screens together. One of the iPad Pro’s notable component is the pencil. It is a stylus that you can use to write on it or just doodle.


Why is this important?

iPad Pro has been designed to function as a mini laptop because of its specs and capacity. It comes with a screen cover that you can use as a keypad. It also comes with 2732×2048 resolution screen which is simply gorgeous. It makes the screen bright and videos appear crisp. This will surely challenge its competitors to come up with something as functional and as stylish as this. This new iPad could influence a new wave of larger tablets being released. This will surly affect app development as apps will now need to cater for the bigger screen and how people will use them. There will be no need for big buttons to press on an app if people are using a pencil right?

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