The Solid App

What is this?

The Solid App is a meeting management app that allows users to prepare for meetings. It also helps organise the flow of meetings and post-meeting follow-ups.

The app lets users sign in with any email account and create personalised calendars settings. This ensures that each user is setting goals and has the ability to easily track these goals. In addition to personal calendars that can work on daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules, there is also a feature that will outline individual meetings too.


Why is this important?

“Most of the time, people don’t prepare for meetings, and there is no meeting report from the last one,” David said. How do you automate meetings? First, you sign up using your Google or Office 365 account. Solid will fetch all your meetings from your calendar. Other events in your calendar will be ignored.

The app is currently a free public beta. The company is working on an IOS app.

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