Tinder’s New ‘super Like’ Button

What is this?

Tinder has been the go-to app for people who want to meet someone interesting online by swiping right if you like the person and swiping left if you feel otherwise. It has garnered a lot of downloads over its inception and there is one new update that will surely be a big hit to the users of the app. Now, Tinder has introduced a “SUPER LIKE” button to let potential “dates” or “partners” know that you are “super” into them by swiping up.

“We wanted Super Likes to be really special while making sure everyone can use them, so to start we’re giving Tinder users one Super Like to send each day. You can’t bank Super Likes, so use your daily Super Like, and use it wisely,” the company wrote on its official blog.


Why is this important?

Tinder has been one of the best apps created when it comes to dating so this feature will cement their status as the best dating app available in the mobile industry.

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