Wove: A Bendable Smartwatch

What is this?

Wove is the first product from from flexible electronic company Polyera. It functions like a smartwatch but it has some cool features and that includes curving it and bending it.

Phil Inagaki co-founded Polyera about ten years ago but invented Wove more than two and a half years back.  The band is made possible by Polyera’s patented digital fabric technology, a proprietary flexible electronics platform the company has been using to develop flexible transistors and displays since the company’s beginnings.


Why is this important?

Wove is one of the first bendable touchscreen displays and if consumers find it worth using, it could open up new ways to make electronics as flexible and as bendable as this.

Polyera has yet to announce the pricing options for this band. But it will be significantly lesser that the Apple Smart watch.

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